Week 1: Coping with Bullying (teens) Module

Week 4: Coping with Bullying (teens)

Week 5: Family Support and Assertiveness Skills

Week 6: Cyberbullying and Recovery Pathways

During teen years – A time of change (Adolescence)

For young people, the teenage years are a time of big social, emotional, and interpersonal or relationship changes. These teenage years are called ‘Adolescence’. Adolescence is a period of human development where major changes in physical and emotional functioning occur. There are also significant cognitive and social developments that take place during these years. Certainly, this is a challenging time for a teen because of all the intense changes that occur at many levels.

During these years, you will notice changes in the way you interact with your family. You will notice that you are choosing to spend time with your friends more than your family. If so, don’t be scared or feel weird. It means that you are forming an independent self-identity, self-concept, and learning to be an adult.

Let’s have a look at the social and emotional changes that occur during this time of change.