Week 1: Coping with Bullying (teens) Module

Week 4: Coping with Bullying (teens)

Week 5: Family Support and Assertiveness Skills

Week 6: Cyberbullying and Recovery Pathways

Learning to Understand and Express Complex Emotions

During these years they become aware of their own emotions and start identifying and naming those emotions. They start to distinguish between thoughts and feelings and become more attuned to those emotions. With this often comes social awareness. For example, you may start to notice how your friends emotionally react to different situations. You might also notice similarities or shared emotions. In psychological terms, this is called ‘ emotion regulation ‘. This is a learned emotional coping skill that develops during adolescence. Emotion regulation means that each individual finds ways of coping with or regulating our emotional responses to situations. For example, instead of coming to conclusions or showing anger over a friend’s action, one might step back and think twice before reacting. Those with strong development of emotion regulation often are more resilient and better able to cope with life stressors.