Week 1: Coping with Bullying (teens) Module

Week 4: Coping with Bullying (teens)

Week 5: Family Support and Assertiveness Skills

Week 6: Cyberbullying and Recovery Pathways

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

One reason most of us have low self-acceptance is we constantly compare ourselves to others. With this, it can be really challenging to develop self-acceptance, especially with the advent of social media.

Studies have shown that social media perpetuates unrealistic standards for children and adolescence. This pressure to look and feel perfect often leads to increased feelings of isolation, lower self-esteem, increased vulnerability to developing symptoms of depression or anxiety, and an overall sense of judgement toward oneself and others. 

Remember true self-acceptance does not depend on perceived success compared to your friends or social media influencers. Begin to journey inward and focus on yourself. It’s easy to focus on yourself more when you stop comparing yourself to others. 

Start seeking validation from yourself and unlock your natural self-acceptance by simply saying ‘I AM ENOUGH’.