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Week 05

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Mindfulness and anger

Mindfulness and anger

As we discussed in Week 1, understanding a problem is an important first step in working to solve that problem. Learning to manage your anger is no different. Mindfulness offers us many tools to better understand and manage our anger and other intense emotions. For example, mindfulness can:

  • Help you notice early warning signs for anger so that you can prevent it from becoming overwhelming and destructive
  • Help you regulate and tolerate anger when it does show up, so that you feel less overwhelmed and more in control
  • Help you make wise choices in response to your anger instead of choosing actions that make it worse 
  • Help you gain distance (and freedom) from your anger
  • Help you let go of the past hurt or anxiety about the future that drives your anger
  • Help you see and accept things as they are, even when they’re not what you want them to be

In addition to the above benefits, mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, and boost productivity. All of these benefits can have a flow on effect to how we feel and how we manage anger when it shows up.