Week 04

Week 05

Week 06

Great job on reaching the end of the Week 3 educational content. This week we have focussed on ways to manage your anger through emotional awareness and regulation strategies. We covered the background information on why emotion regulation is important and the reasons why we have emotions in the first place. We also covered skills to help you understand and name your emotions, check whether your emotions fit the facts, use opposite action to change your anger and cope ahead with difficult situations. 

As with the skills from last week, you will need to practice these skills regularly for the greatest benefit. With time, you will start to notice improvements, such as being able to recognise, tolerate and influence your emotions better. You might also notice that your anger becomes less frequent, less intense and that it hangs around for less time. Each of these things will help you feel more empowered in being able to tame the ugly side of your anger.