Week 04

Week 05

Week 06

Weekly review

Week 1 Recap 

Welcome back to the DBT for Anger Course. Last week we covered the following topics: 

  • What is anger and when does it become a problem?
  • The difference between anger and aggression
  • Causes of problem anger 
  • A model of anger (the vicious cycle) 
  • Factors that keep anger alive
  • Understanding anger in your own life

We discussed how the factors that keep problems with anger going can become targets for intervention. By changing these maintaining factors, we can break the vicious cycle and manage anger more effectively when it shows up.

We then introduced DBT as a therapeutic framework for tackling problems with anger and discussed:

  • What is DBT?
  • Principles of DBT
  • How DBT can help with anger 
  • Making a commitment to change

If you need to refresh your memory on these topics, please refer back to the Week 1 content.

Action Plan Review

Your action plan for last week was to:

  • List your reasons for change
  • Complete the pros and cons of change exercise
  • Make a contract with yourself and set some goals
  • Use the Anger Diary to start noticing when, where, and how your anger shows up 

How did you go? 

If you completed your action plan tasks, well done! Were you able to notice your own early warning signs and patterns of responding to anger? Take a moment to reflect on what you learned before jumping into the education content for Week 2.

If you didn’t get a chance to complete these tasks, we encourage you to go back and do so before taking on Week 2.

Week 2 Outline

This week we jump into the world of mindfulness. 

You will learn what mindfulness is, its many benefits, and how it can help specifically with managing your anger. You will also learn skills and strategies that you can begin to apply in your own life.