Week 01: Gain strength through

Week 04: Master the art of social interactions

Week 05: Hold tight and act with intention

Week 06: Maintain your gains and stay well

Aims of emotion regulation

As you have learned, the main aim of emotion regulation skills is to help you better manage your emotions. This includes helping you learn how to influence your emotional state, tolerate anxiety, and manage it in effective ways. Emotion regulation skills can do this by helping you to:

  • Recognise and understand your anxiety so it feels less threatening
  • Decrease the frequency, intensity, and duration of your anxiety by preventing it or changing its course
  • Decrease your vulnerability to poorly managed anxiety by tending to your own needs
  • Better tolerate intense anxiety when it shows up, and
  • Manage anxiety effectively without acting impulsively, avoiding effective action (‘doing what’s needed’), or making things worse.

Remember the states of mind from last week? Using this concept, emotion regulation skills aim to help us reduce our vulnerability to Emotion Mind, so that we can find balance in Wise Mind. Remember, we are not trying to change a natural feeling into a different one. This would be unhelpful, as all emotions serve a purpose. Instead, we are trying to find a helpful response to our reality.