Week 01: Gain strength through

Week 04: Master the art of social interactions

Week 05: Hold tight and act with intention

Week 06: Maintain your gains and stay well

Emotion regulation skills for social anxiety

Congratulations, you’ve reached the skills content for this week! Before we get started, let’s briefly cover some important facts related to emotion regulation skills. These facts will help guide you on your journey to better managing your anxiety. Review this list any time you feel lost or as though the skills you are trying are not working.

Facts about emotion regulation skills:

  1. All emotions serve a purpose and give us important information 
  2. All emotions must be experienced and acknowledged before you try to move on to a different emotion (i.e., first be ‘here’ before you rush ‘there’)
  3. Avoiding emotions often makes them worse
  4. Emotions themselves can’t harm you, it’s how you react to them that can cause problems 
  5. You can feel an emotion without acting on it
  6. You are not your emotion. Emotions are only one of several aspects of who you are.
  7. When you are highly emotional (i.e. your FFF response is activated), your emotions are unlikely to give you the most wise or useful advice  
  8. Emotion regulation skills require daily practice