Week 01: Gain strength through

Week 04: Master the art of social interactions

Week 05: Hold tight and act with intention

Week 06: Maintain your gains and stay well

Great job, you have made it to the end of the education content for Week 2. This week we have discussed the concept of mindfulness and how it relates to social anxiety. We have also covered several skills that teach you ‘what’ to do and ‘how’ to practice mindfulness. It can be surprising how much difference this simple set of skills can make in your life. However, don’t be fooled, simple does not mean easy. These skills will require regular practice.

We encourage you to practice mindfulness skills every day to build your confidence in using them. First, practice them when you are calm. As you get more confident, you can use them in more challenging social situations that involve anxiety. It is important to understand and practice mindfulness skills, as these skills form the foundation for the other skills covered in this course. You will need to draw on your mindfulness skills when using other techniques to manage your anxiety.

One of the first benefits you might notice is that mindfulness skills allow you to have anxiety but not be overwhelmed and controlled by it. As a result, you might be able to tolerate your anxiety better, which will allow you to take action towards your goals. Step by step, you will start to feel more in control of your life. We build on this topic more next week, when we cover information and skills to help you ‘befriend your feelings and regain control’.