Week 1: Understanding irritable bowel syndrome

Week 4: Healthy thinking, healthy self

Week 5: Balancing activity and reclaiming your life

Week 6: Maintaining your gains and staying well

Aided Self-Reflection

Great, you’ve learnt a bit about irritable bowels. Our education modules are lengthy, so well done! 

At Epsychonline, we believe that getting better also involves learning a bit about yourself. One way to help you learn more about yourself is to prompt you to ask yourself questions. 

Therefore each week, we will give you three questions. They are questions you can ask yourself to get you thinking. 

There are no correct answers. It’s not a quiz or a test of your knowledge. Instead, these questions are just there to get you thinking/reflecting about yourself. 

Depending on your answers, we will provide tailored feedback. This specific feedback will help you learn more about yourself. 


Read the questions carefully. Take a moment to think before providing your answer. To answer, click and drag the text blocks in order of priority. 

The text block you move to the top should be your highest priority, preference or the answer that sits with you the best. Your bottom most text block should be the answer that applies to you the least or that you least agree with.