Week 1: Understanding irritable bowel syndrome

Week 4: Healthy thinking, healthy self

Week 5: Balancing activity and reclaiming your life

Week 6: Maintaining your gains and staying well

Aided Self-Reflection

You’ve completed the start of Week 3. Our educational sections are lengthy, so well done! 

This Week’s questions are no different in format to prior weeks. We hope you are getting the hang of it and that they are adding value. 

Next is our Aided Self-Reflection section. The questions or interpretations we provide here will help you learn more about yourself. 


Read the questions carefully. Take a moment to think. Then, to answer, click and drag the text blocks in order of priority. 

The text block you move to the top should be your highest priority, preference or the answer that resounds with you the most. Your bottom most text block should be the answer you agree with the least.