Week 1: Understanding irritable bowel syndrome

Week 4: Healthy thinking, healthy self

Week 5: Balancing activity and reclaiming your life

Week 6: Maintaining your gains and staying well

Great job, you have made it to the end of the education content for Week 3. This week we talked about stress management and relaxation strategies for irritable bowel syndrome. You learned about the body’s stress response system to help you understand why relaxation strategies are important and how they can help in irritable bowel syndrome. We then covered some relaxation, mindfulness, radical acceptance and other stress management skills to help you get started. 

We encourage you to practice these skills regularly. The more you practice, the better you’ll get and the more improvement you will see. Relaxation techniques can feel a bit strange at first, but you will get better with practice. Over time, these techniques will start to come to you more naturally.