Week 04

Week 05

Week 06

  • Complete the exercises set out in the ‘making a commitment to change’ section. You can use the worksheet to help you record your:
    • Reasons for change
    • Pros and cons of change, and
    • Self-contract and goal setting
  • Over the coming week, use the Perfectionism Diary to record the following information whenever you notice your perfectionism arise:
    • Trigger situations
    • Unhelpful thoughts
    • Emotions
    • Physical sensations
    • Actions

Big changes start with small steps

Often, we have a vision of what we want to achieve, and we expect ourselves to get there in one big leap. This is not only unrealistic, but it is simply unfair! Throughout this course, we encourage you to acknowledge the small steps you take towards your goals each day, no matter how insignificant they may seem. This is a tough journey, so break it down and be kind to yourself along the way.

We know this is a big ask for someone who struggles with perfectionism. However, the last thing we want you to do is to approach this course with the aim of doing it ‘perfectly’. We expect you to make mistakes along the way, in fact, we encourage it. Finding what works for you will be a process of trial and error. Continue to remind yourself of this as you move through each week of the course and acknowledge the progress you are making simply by showing up.

Start right now by congratulating yourself on getting to the end of the Week 1 educational content. We think this is an accomplishment in itself that is worth celebrating, so see if you can set aside some time to reward yourself for your efforts.  

Great job and see you next week!