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Number of questions :- 3


  • Read the 3 questions carefully. Take a moment to think. Then, to answer, click and drag the text blocks in order of priority.
  • The text block you move to the top should be your highest priority, preference or the answer that resounds with you the most. Your bottom most text block should be the answer you agree with the least. According to the answers provided by you, we present you some interpretation and recommendations and thoroughly go through them

  1. Which of these drives your perfectionism?
    • Societal or community expectations
    • Parents who are critical or have high standards
    • Low self-esteem
    • Rigid thoughts or firm ways of thinking
  2. What aspects of your life does perfectionism impact?
    • Problems at work
    • Problems at home
    • Financial problems
    • Problems with body image or self-worth
  3. What aspects of your mental health does perfectionism impact?
    • Perfectionism can trigger anxiety or worry
    • It can lead to sadness and frustration
    • It can lead to repetitive or obsessive thoughts and behaviour
    • Disordered or chaotic eating
Week 1

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    Well done, you're almost at the end of week 1 of the Perfectionism Module. In the Aided Self Reflection stage, which you've just completed, we gave you three questions to get you thinking.

    The interpretation was our chance to share our thoughts, unique to your answers. We hope you found that helpful. Let us know your feedback. We are continuously improving our interpretations.

    Below you will find our recommendations. They, too, are tailored to the answers you gave in earlier. Also, we strongly encourage you to fill out the worksheets. Yes, by finishing the worksheets, you'll get the most from our course!